Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Asic bitcoin mining!

Here we are, the asic mining is bringing up the difficulty, and GPU mining is no longer valuable.

My first butterfly labs little single is in route ! Finally ! but stuck at the border ...

I am waiting for the preorder of a few single sc.  Few guys are asking if the value of these box is as great as is was 1 year ago when we placed our order.  It is true that the difficulty level has raised a lot and with butterfly labs that promise 600 GH/S cards their first asic hardware will be deprecated very fast.

I don't know how to think about that. I've paid my asic miner with money from bitcoins, so it is a good investment, but for people having to pay with "real" money is this a good investment ? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Also, I would like to know how you manage your gains in bitcoin ? Are you keeping everything in your wallet, or you cash few % and reinvest another % ?  Me, when the value of the bitcoin was around 300$ I sold everything I've had and sold all of my gpu (my electricity bill dropped from 300$/Month to 80$ :-). With that new hardware, I guess I will reinvest 50%, cash 25% (to pay electricity bill) and keep 25% for the future. Do you think it is a good plan ?

Anyway, when I will be able to put my hand on this package I will update this blog to explain how to configure your hardware to be up and running as fast as possible and, hopefully, get rich !

If you think this blog helped you out to configure your system, consider sending me a contribution to say thank you ! Even more, if you are from canada, INGdirect offer you 25$ (and I will also get 25$) if you open an account (with a minimum deposit of 100$).  My main account is at INGdirect and I like this bank. When I transfer money to my account in another bank it is very fast, and for the credit card billing, the payment is done in less than 24h. Also, they offer interest in their chequing account ! and there is no fee !  You can use the automatic ATM from other bank most of the transaction are free ! Yesterday I have seen a TV ad explaining they now offer online chequing deposit ! Yes, you take a picture of the cheque and it will be depositted in your account ! If you do open an account, use my orange key : 14927138S1 !

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